Between the Lines

Friday, November 14, 2003

Media and Women

Women's image in the media- undoubtedly done to death. But now an interactive, multimedia curriculum for students of media courses encourages a critical exploration of advertising and the images of women that it projects.

The future copywriters and journalists will perhaps learn a bit more than what they already know.

A good step, but will the ads change? I doubt it.

Election Time!

The pre-election polls have begun. Outlook did one. So did India Today. And now it's Zee News. And on NDTV India, you get to watch satires on Uma Bharti, Diggy, and everyone else in the political scenario!

What is next? A poll on which of these polls will be the most accurate? Not a bad idea! ;-)

What the future holds…

As India has their General elections (Lok Sabha elections) coming closer, everyone’s eyes are pinpointed on the current campaigns launched by the two main Political Parties in India that is the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress for the elections that are going to take place in 5 states. And though Mr. Chandrababu Naidu might try his heads and what not off to have elections in his state, we will rely upon our very own Mr. J.M.Lyngdoh to keep him at bay.

But these days while visiting many websites I have come across these banners and ads on the websites having this particular link – “Howard Dean for America.” Now, I do not know whether Howard Dean will be elected as the Democratic Presidential candidate fighting against Bush or not but it seems he has some stiff competition from many other people within the Democrat sector. Read more about it here.

This brings me to the following point, I was talking with my aunt who’s residing in Detroit and I asked her what does she think about George Bush and the approaching elections in her country and she had something interesting to offer. She stated that if Rudolph Giuliani would run for President as a Republican candidate she would definitely vote for him and if not then she would definitely resist bringing the Republican Party back in power. The recent trends however do seem to show that George W. Bush is leading but one thing is for sure that Mr. Rudolph Giuliani’s’ contribution to New York is not forgotten yet.

Destination India

India has been attracting a lot of foreign production houses lately. With the Indian economy opening up, we are seeing many pictures being filmed in India. Recently, Harvey Weinstein (the pioneer of Miramax) was in India looking as to how “Bride & Prejudice” a movie under his production was going on and also looking for destinations in India as a possibility where movies can be shot at a much cheaper rate. The reason I suddenly came up with this realization is when I came across this news information stating that “The Bourne Supremacy” a sequel to "The Bourne Identity" which starred Matt Damon will be partially shot in India.

In fact, destinations like Morocco, Malta (where the epic Troy was recently shot) all have become targets for some major production companies who are grabbing the opportunities presented by governments for opening up their nation for business oriented purposes. And what could be better than getting a big budgeted flick, with some superstars coming and shooting and going Ga-Ga over your country.

A great example here can be that of the trilogy of Lord of the Rings which was shot entirely in New Zealand and so amazed was the government that they themselves have spent loads of money: Like renovating a theatre where the World Premiere of the final installment of the trilogy (Return of the King) will take place and promoting New Zealand as a fantastic region for shooting movies. The result is evident as The Last Samurai starring Tom Cruise had its dominant shooting done in New Zealand itself.
So go India!!!

Monday, November 10, 2003

Eagerly Awaited

One of my most anticipated movies this year is Elephant. I can't wait for it to be released in India, which I sadly must admit might not even happen because we never saw "Bowling for Columbine" make it; so Elephant is a huge expectation. But I came across this article in which Mr. Gus Van Sant (Director of films like My Own Private Idaho, Drugstore Cowboy, Finding Forrester) talks about Elephant as a depiction of his perception on the how the Journalists covered the Columbine High School Massacre.

I personally believe that this movie would not be well versed with the Members of the Academy (Oscars) but I definitely do beleive in one thing and that is: Gus Van Sant is one true visionary. He is a fabulous director, who really brought independent cinema the recognition and spotlight that it deserves immensely.

Watch the trailer of this movie - it will make an impact, it really made me think and I still have visuals from the trailer imprinted on my mind. Some shots are visually just so stunning. Hail Gus!!!

Sunday, November 09, 2003

He had it coming

Scott Peterson's trial has been dominating Larry King's show these days. So I decided to look up into the matter and get some first hand information. You gotta listen to Larry King, believe me, he is one heck of a guy.

What I found interesting in the case was that under the Californian law, if Scott Peterson is convicted he will be charged on two counts - The death of his wife Laci Peterson and also his unborn son. Right now it is going to be tough for Scott Peterson to prove he is "Not-Guilty" because things do not stand very bright for him. Too many conincidences are apparent in the disappearance of his wife.

Check out this Photo Gallery, to get some basic information about the case and if then you feel interested go on to the detailed version.

Wonder with the intense coverage by the media for this case what will be next a book by Scott Peterson or a documentary by NBC or CBS?

Slam, Damn and it’s banned!!!

Being a huge movie-buff I was surfing through the web reading all the Not-So Good reviews for Matrix: Revolutions until I came across this rather absurd piece of information. Jim Carrey cannot be withstood as God by the Egyptian people. Poor Jim, he was only God for a week, give him a break. So Bruce Almighty will not be released in Egypt and this does come as a Shocker to me because it was my belief that Egypt was one of the few countries which came across as a nation with a moderate stance.

So we can easily leave out the possibility of "In the Cut" making it?

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Jayalalitha's - "Don't mess with me"

It is not a suprise that a newspaper like The Hindu which is the most widely read English newspaper in Chennai has fallen into troubles with the government of AIADMK. Many debates have lingered on what sought of freedom should the Press be entitled to and what are the barriers that should be laid down? This incident perhaps throws some light upon a long-ranging debate.

N. Ram, the editor-in-chief has a task in his hand as he will have to battle with the Might of Jayalalitha who in her rather incident prone tenure has ensured all her opponents are either silenced or taught a lesson. She definitely is a Wonder Woman.

Read more about it here.